1. MU Seattle.

    Especially the fall vibes and great people of this city.

  2. Can never go wrong with a California coast sunset.

    Also, LA area friends, I’m looking for a new employment endeavour of you have any connections or know of anyone hiring I would much much much appreciate it! Freelance is fun but ready for a real job! You guys are awesome! Cheers!

  3. Cheers to you. #ripvancecreekbridge

  4. One of my first shoots in LA with @tainakanar
    Looking through old photos and realized my camera is lonely. If you wanna let me take pictures of you DM me or shoot me email.

  5. Had a blast shooting in Malibu.

    Model: @travisvandyke

    If you wanna book a shoot, 📩📬📲


  6. Jeremy

  7. Jeremy & Norm - Totokaelo Man

  8. the Bills’

  9. the Bills’

  10. the Bills’

  11. the Bills’

  12. Seattle sunsets are rad.
    Thanks Jesus 🔥


    3days left:

  14. Emily

  15. Emily.